Ardour digital audio workstation
Audacity the free, cross-platform sound editor
Ecasound packages for multi-track audio processing
Traverso DAW Multitrack audio recoding & editing
Qtractor MIDI and audio sequencer
Rosegarden MIDI and audio sequencer, score editor
Jokosher multi-track studio
Sweep audio editor
Muse MIDI and audio sequencer
LMMS Linux MultiMedia Studio
JACK Real-time low latency audio server
PulseAudio Lightweight audio server
MACAW Music synthesizer, sequencer, waves
Qsynth software synthesizer
FluidSynth Real-time software synthesizer
Timidity software synthesizer
Sound Font Creative Common
Fluid R3 v3.1
SGM v2.01
LADSPA Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API
Palm Sounds iPhone sequencer and synths
Nano Studio iPhone sequencer and synths

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